Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amber's 22 Birthday

For my our birthday's this year, Josh and I got new phones. We got white Samsung Galaxy S III's. Kinda boring... but in September I dropped my phone face down on tile and it shattered the  LED screen so it wouldn't even turn on. Luckily, we had an upgrade on November 1st. So we decided that since it was going to cost each of us $200 to get a new phone, it would be our early birthday presents this year.

My actual birthday was on a Wednesday this year and I had clinical for school :( So I was up at 4 am and had to drive out to Tooele hospital and be there until 6 pm. However, Josh wouldn't let me have the bad day that I was expecting to have, and woke up with me at 4 am and cooked me an amazing breakfast and made me some hot chocolate for the drive and started my car! When I got home that night, he made homemade chicken alfredo. It was the most delicious dinner ever! He got a special recipe from the internet and he cooked for over an hour. Hand breaded chicken that was nice and crispy and homemade alfredo sauce (the yummy fattening kind with half and half!... mmmmmm.

I really didn't get much of a break the whole week of my birthday. I had work Sunday, school Monday and Tuesday, clinical Wednesday (my birthday), work Thursday, and a Pharmacology exam on Friday. Finally on Saturday I got to sleep in and have the day all to myself!!! After my exam on Friday night, my Dad and Sharon took us to Twilight and out to dinner.

On Saturday, my Mom and KC took us out to Olive Garden for lunch! Yummy! That night, Josh and I went to City Creek for the first time and did a little bit of shopping and then he took me to The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner. This place is so dang good! I had heard of it before, but we had never been. We got the 3 course meal. So we had a cheese fondue that we dipped bread, fruit, and veggies in. Second, we had the main broth fondue that we dipped meat into including chicken, beef, pork, steak, and shrimp. Lastly, we had a chocolate marshmallow (smores) fondue that we dipped cheesecake and all sorts of fruit into.

City Creek

Smores Pot

       Lighting our Smores chocolate pot on fire

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