Thursday, January 10, 2013

Josh's 23 Birthday!

Josh's birthday was on a Saturday this year... yay!! It was two days before school started, so we took advantage of the last weekend off. We slept in till about 1230 and then I made him a big plate of bacon and one eyes for his birthday breakfast. I hadn't planned anything but dinner, since we weren't doing presents or anything big for our birthdays, but he said he just wanted to relax and enjoy the day. I asked him if he had ever gotten a pedicure and he said no. We jumped in the car and I took him to go get his first pedicure! It was so relaxing to soak our feet and sit in the massage chairs. The warm water felt so good because it was freezing outside. When we got home, we took a nap and watched some TV shows. For dinner, I took him to Tucano's, which is where we have gone for the past 3 years for his birthday because it is meat heaven for him and he doesn't get very much meat at home. So this is his yearly splurge where we just sit for a few hours and he has at every type of meat imaginable. They even had salmon, which is his favorite! Happy Birthday honey!

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