Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today is my halfway mark!  I am 20 weeks!  I can't believe I am already halfway through my pregnancy and we are so excited to meet our little girl :)

Roxy can't wait either!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I took the NCLEX (nursing boards exam) on Thursday July 18th and passed! There is a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265. There is a mix of multiple choice, hot spot, select all that apply, fill in the blank, and recorded questions. The test is adaptive, so there isn't a certain percent you have to get right to pass, the computer just shuts you off after you stay above the passing bar for so many questions. So if you go all the way to 265, that means that you kept going above the passing bar and then getting some wrong and going below the passing bar, so they keep giving you a chance to pass until you hit the max amount of questions. For my LPN, I got the minimum of 85 questions and was super excited and hoping I would do the same for my RN... nope. I hit 76 and my computer kept giving me questions and I got super stressed and pissed. After I took a break and got a drink I sat back down and my computer finally shut off at 150 questions. All I can say is taking the NCLEX twice in my life is horrible and I am so glad I never have to take it again. I just have to renew my license every two years by paying a fee and I have to do 200 hours every renewal period to keep my license active. I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders now that I have become an RN. I have been taking two pathophysiology classes since June that I have an exam a week in, trying to study every night for the NCLEX, trying to decorate my house, wanting to start getting ready for Kambree, and working full time has been tough. Now that the most serious and hardest part, the NCLEX, is over, I am able to just study for classes now and start making stuff for Kambree :)

I finally felt her kick! I was laying in bed over a week ago (I was 18 weeks) studying for the NCLEX and I felt a bunch of taps on my stomach. They were very small and I didn't think it was her, but it felt different from anything I had felt before. I was still not believing it was her moving. A couple days later, I went to yoga with my mom and at the end of the class we were stretching and I was just laying on my back for about ten minutes and I felt her kick and flip all over the place. Now she doesn't stop and I feel her moving all day long! She is so active! I love being able to feel her move inside of me, it is the best feeling ever. Josh still hasn't been able to feel her yet. She only does hard kicks every once in a while and by the time he puts his hand on my belly she is done kicking.

We are going to start painting during the two weeks Josh has off between summer classes and fall classes. We have to paint our bedroom wall (it is purple), the kids bathroom (it is orange), and Kambree's room. I am so excited to get her room painted so I can start matching decor to it and getting it ready!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am 16 weeks as of yesterday and I cannot believe it! I feel like I just found out I was pregnant... but that was 3 months ago! My Dr's office does free gender peak ultrasounds at 16 weeks and of course we wanted to find out the gender ASAP! I haven't had an ultrasound since I was 7 weeks, which at that point it only looked like a little gummy bear and not a baby. As soon as she put the wand on my belly, there was a big baby there! She was laying on her stomach and it was amazing to see the heart flickering, the spine, the big belly, and the giant head. We didn't get print outs of the profile or get to see her full body very long, since it was a free ultrasound just to determine the gender. My anatomy scan will be at my 20 week appointment, so I will definitely get to look at her longer and watch her move and get pictures of her body. After she counted the heartbeat, which was 141, she pushed the wand up under my right side where the butt was and I knew it was a girl before the tech even said anything. I could instantly see a 'hamburger' instead of a 'turtle'. I have also Googled a lot of ultrasound pictures because I feel like I have no idea what I am looking at most of the time, so I got some good practice to be able to read my own ultrasound :) It is a girl and we are so excited!! I wanted a girl so badly and our whole marriage I have told Josh that if it was a boy I wouldn't know what to do with him since I hate sports, I don't like to get dirty, and I am very much a girly girl. Josh has always said we are going to have all boys because I "jynxed" us by saying I 100% want a girl. A few people in my family, including myself, were having dreams it was a boy so I was sure it was going to be a boy. I also felt like it was a boy, again I think I was feeling this because I wanted a girl so badly that I knew just my luck I would have a boy. I would have been happy no matter what sex it was, knowing that we were trying to get pregnant and obviously I can't MAKE the sex be the way I want it to be. But I am sooooo happy and excited it is a little girl!!!!! Josh wanted a girl first as well, so we are both very happy. We had a boy name set, Korver Jay Davis, which we have known we were going to name our son for at least 4 years before we got married. When we first got married and went to Mexico, the name on my ticket printed out 'Amberly' so we really liked that name for a while. Josh still really likes it, but I have kind of grown out of it. We also like Laurel, which we got from a couple TV shows that we have seen recently. However, we are thinking her name is going to be Kambree Lynn Davis. I don't know where this name came from, I have never known anyone with this name, but about 6 months ago when we were trying to get pregnant and talking about names, this name came to my head and we both loved it. So we have a few names to think about, but we are leaning towards Kambree :)

5 1/2 more months till we meet our little girl!