Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas... and lately

SCHOOL IS OVER! Well fall semester is over... my LPN program is over.. and Josh's first semester at UVU for his Bachelor degree. I am still unfortunately in school. I have one last class I need to be able to apply for an RN program. Pathophysiology... supposedly the "hardest class offered at Weber State"... is what they keep telling me. It is an independent study course, so I work on my own and have 6 months to complete everything BUT I need it all finished by the middle of February because I need a final grade on my transcript for my RN application which is due by March 1. I have 9 exams to finish in 9 weeks... so a test a week... with each test I have to do a pre-test, a paper, and watch about 6 hours of lecture, on top of teaching myself all the material I don't understand from the lectures. It takes up all of my time while I am also trying to study for the NCLEX (nursing test I have to pass to be a licensed nurse) and working full-time. I feel more busy and stressed out now than I did when I was in actual nursing school! I hate that I have to be so busy while Josh has a month off of school, I get distracted and procrastinate my studying and don't want to study because he isn't! Once I apply to RN programs in March I get to just work full time with no school whatsoever and wait to get into a program which could either be next August or not until spring of 2013. It will be very nice to have a long break and to work as a nurse and save money while Josh goes to school. 

Roxy got fixed a few days before Christmas :( It was so sad and she was hurting for a few days and crying and could barely move.. but she is 100% better now and it jumping around and being her crazy self again! She is 9.2 pounds now, she has gained 4 pounds since we got her in September. We hope she stays this size because she is perfect right now. Pure bred Shih Tzus average around 12-15 pounds (according to Google) so who knows what she could get to. She is learning how to sit and stay and is doing really good! She knows where the treat drawer is and always tries to open it. 

I worked on Christmas Eve, but I was lucky enough to have Christmas day off and I took Monday off because Josh had it off as well. We enjoyed sleeping all day long and doing nothing but lay around. We went out on Monday night to Mission Impossible and then out to eat at Iggys. We were going to go downtown but it was already 8:00 and I had to work in the morning and it was freezing cold! I was glad we didn't go because I heard there were a billion people there that night :) We had a great Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas and putting out all of my penguin decor and the stockings and the presents. My favorite part of Christmas has always been opening PJ's on Christmas eve that my parents gave to all the kids. Josh and I don't wear PJs now though so all the PJs we get just get all piled up and never used... I just gave about 10 pairs to DI because I couldnt even open the dresser drawers we had so many. I am excited to have my own kids so I can be the one who finally gets to pick out and buy the PJs and give them to our kids on Christmas eve for them to wear to bed :) I will get them the best PJs ever! Maybe like the ones on A Christmas Story... but penguin style instead of bunny. Haha JK.

We are very excited to start a fresh, new year and can't wait for the years to come where we don't have anymore school! 

 Family Picture <3

 Stocking are probably my favorite "gift" ever because it involves candy! 
Our candy bowl is finally replenished! 

 Our hot new watches we got eachother! 


 Roxy was sooo excited to eat this bear...

New bling collar!