Thursday, January 10, 2013


Since I worked on Thanksgiving Day this year, I was lucky enough to get Christmas Day off. I had to work on Christmas Eve, but I get off work at 6pm anyway so that wasn't a big deal. On Christmas Day, Josh and I enjoyed sleeping in until about 10am and then we opened presents. We went an visited our families and then had prime rib dinner at my Mom's house. 

Temple Lights
Christmas Morning (no these are not all for us... about 3/4 of this presents are for the 15 people in our family!) 
Finally a tall mirror! We have the matching dresser in our bedroom.

Jazz tix! 

My new sweat suit... I look like a boy
My baby Roxy and I

Roxy and Maggie.. how cute!

Baby B and I... I love her!!!

My pups! 

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