Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roxy update

Roxy is getting so big! So big that at her annual vet check-up, the vet said she was overweight and needed to lose 4 pounds! She is 13.8 pounds and supposedly she is supposed to be 10 or even under. This is crazy! She is already so tiny! But we sure love our little fluffy. She is so spoiled and she knows it. She is always making us laugh and always gives us love and snuggles. Her favorite things right now are her toys.... she has a million. I always clean them up and throw them in a corner in the living room and two seconds later she drags them all out and scatters them all over the house. She has a zoo of stuffed animals she likes to pile up and then chew her bones on. She has a lion, bear, elephant, and a badger. She also likes to sit them up all next to each other. In November we finally taught her how to roll! So what she knows so far is: sit, stay, shake, lay, roll over, and whenever we say 'treat' she runs over to the treat drawer and sits patiently. She also LOVES tuna fish. Whenever she hears the can opener, she freaks out and starts growling and barking at me. This is frustrating because 90% of the time it isn't tuna, I am just opening stuff for dinner and she gets so mad at me. She also loves the snow. We hate when it snows because when we take her outside to go potty in fresh snow, she has to run through the whole yard and smash her face in all of the new snow... so it takes about 30 minutes each time to go potty.

Roxy loves her bear... and sleeping in dad's pants
She carries her bear around everywhere

She always sleeps in the most uncomfortable looking places
She is so cute!! 

"Snow" boots

This is what we have to deal with when it snows...

Like father like daughter
Studying with dad

Mr Bear again

Snuggling with mom

She likes to be tucked in to bed

Her best friend Maggie on Halloween 
She loves her dad...

and her mom! 

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