Thursday, January 10, 2013

School Break!

Finally a break!! Josh and I had 3 weeks off of school for winter break and it was AMAZING! It is so nice to only have to work full time and not have to worry about coming home at 7pm exhausted and having to go straight to doing homework until midnight. I only work 3 times a week, since I work 12 hour shifts and get my full time hours in those 3 days, so having 4 full days off a week to relax and not worry about anything was so great. I still feel like I was extremely busy though for some reason.

Over the break we had a lot of fun. My mom and KC took Josh and I to the Christmas Carol play that was going on at the Draper Historic Theater. My dad and Sharon took the whole family downtown to Olive Garden one night and then we went and saw the lights at temple square. We went to a few Christmas parties. We had fondue at my dad's for Christmas Eve and Prime Rib dinner at my Mom's on Christmas Day. My mom took me to see Les Mis and Josh went to The Hobbit with a buddy from work. I took Josh to the Jazz vs LA Clippers game after Christmas. We went to Idaho for New Years. Brad and Susie took us out to dinner for our birthdays. That about sums up what we did over the break....Whewwwww!

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