Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well we are back in school!! Not like we ever got a break, since I went full time this summer and Josh took one class. I got my Associate Degree from SLCC in August! Yay! Now I am at Weber State University completing my RN (Registered Nurse) license, I will be done in May. I plan on completing my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, since it is only an added two semesters after my RN. So I will be DONE with school for the rest of my life in 4 semesters! Spring 2014 baby! I will be 23 with my BSN :) Josh is in his 2nd year of his Bachelor's Degree at UVU and loving it. He loves his manager job and doesn't stop thinking of ideas for when he is done with school and a business man. He plans on getting his MBA after his Bachelor degree, so he has about 4-5 more years of school. Getting to the end! :)

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