Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bear Lake

We were so excited to get to go to Josh's family's annual Bear Lake reunion. We didn't get to go last year because it is usually during the week and Josh can't take very many days off since we are usually just getting back from taking 10 days off for our anniversary trip. We went up Sunday afternoon and came home Tuesday afternoon. The weather was great until Tuesday, then it was cloudy and rainy all day. But I am glad we got 2 days of sun :) The water was really high this year and it stunk like fish and was really mucky and gross... and COLD! So I just layed out most of the time and went for occasional floatie rides with Josh. We just love to get out and go camping and lay in our tent all day and sleep and watch movies on our ipad. It was a nice, short, get away.

 Tawni and I laying out
 Josh and Nike

Brianna asleep

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