Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We Are Having A Baby!

Yes, it's true, I am pregnant!

We have been keeping a secret since we found out at the end of March. We told our parents and siblings on Mother's Day and then decided not to tell anybody else until I hit the 12 week mark, just to be safe. Well I am 12 weeks as of June 2nd! I am due December 16th! We are so excited to be having our first baby and we couldn't have planned it for a better time. I was starting to think it will never happen... I got off birth control in October and month after month I kept getting those darn negative pregnancy tests and was getting devastated. I can't imagine going through that for over a year and am grateful it only took us a little less than 6 months to get pregnant. I started doing basal body temperature every morning and was taking a bunch of herbal supplements to help with ovulation because since getting off of birth control, I hadn't gotten my cycle back which meant I wasn't ovulating. About two months into my supplements, I FINALLY ovulated for the first time in 6 months and that is how I am pregnant now. Even though we "skipped" March so I wouldn't have a Christmas baby... somehow it still happened anyway! Of course it's always when you stop trying that it really happens :) Hopefully he/she isn't one week late because then it will literally be a Christmas Day baby! So much has happened this year with me graduating nursing school, totaling my car, and buying a new house, we just can't wait to add a sweet little baby into that happiness.

 I have decided I want to find out the sex earlier than 20 weeks (my OB only does an early u/s at 8 weeks and then the next one isn't until 20 weeks) so I have been thinking about going to Fetal Foto and paying $50 to find out the gender as early as 14 weeks. If they can't confirm the gender at 14 weeks, I get to keep going back weekly for free until they can determine the gender. This will let me know the gender in two weeks instead of waiting all the way until August!! I want to get a head start before I start full time school this fall for my BSN and Josh gets back into his full time schooling as well.  We are both only taking two classes this summer. We need to paint the nursery because the walls right now are hot pink and the ceiling is brown and we also need to paint the kids bathroom because it is an ugly coral color.

I have actually gained about 4 pounds my first trimester, which I am surprised, because everything I read says you don't gain in the first trimester... but everyone is different! I am not showing yet and all of my jeans are still big on me. Thankfully all of my summer shorts have always been about a size too big and I have needed a belt with them, I am hoping I won't have to buy any clothes until this fall. I am excited to see how my belly grows and how big I get!

 I couldn't wait anymore and tested on 11 days past ovulation (your not supposed to test until at least day 14 because of false negatives) and to my surprise it was actually positive!!!

 I bought this shirt in December so I could have a cute way to announce it to Josh :) I called him home from work one afternoon and had her running around in it. He didn't believe me. 

 I had a lot of cute ideas to announce it to Josh, but I had to incorporate 
Roxy into it since she is his little baby... the shirt was perfect. 

My first ultrasound, I was 7 weeks. This was the day after my car accident, I had to go in a week early to make sure the baby was OK. Heartbeat was perfect at 166 :)

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