Monday, January 16, 2012

New Years


We are excited for 2012 and can't wait for what it brings for us! We went to Idaho for new years this year. Tawni was nice enough to let us stay with her all weekend because Stockton is allergic to Roxy :( we can't leave her home because we live in a basement and she would have no way of going potty. and we just love her too much to leave her! We got to Idaho Friday night and stayed until Monday. It was nice to sleep in and spend time with the family. On new years eve, some family and family friends came over and we just hung out and ate lots of food. A bunch of us started playing Phase 10 around 11 o'clock and we didn't get done until after 1 am. We love Phase 10, we seem to play it every time we get together. Josh, Tawni, and I had fun making food before the party at Tawni's house. Tawni made our favorite cupcakes (rainbow chip) while Josh and I made muddy buddies and my famous ranch dip with Doritos (OK my mom's famous dip... but still..we LOVE IT!). We are so glad the weather was good for us for the drive there and back.

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