Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LPN Graduation!

Nursing school officially ended December 15th, but graduation didn't happen until January 6th. I am so happy to be done with this chapter in my life! Now I get to take the NCLEX (state boards that determine if I get my licensure as a nurse) and then I get to apply to RN schools! I am halfway done with my online class... I have taken an exam a week since I graduated and am now on week 5 and exam 5 out of 9 :) It feels good to take a test a week and do well on them, I am getting better grades on these exams than I did in nursing school... and I am teaching myself all of the material! Graduation was much better than expected. The class presidents made awards for each individual... I got "always crosses her t's and dots her i's" because I was the most organized and always prepared. HECK YA! Then the teachers did the pinning (a nurses pin that represents welcoming into the medical field) and then we did the traditional lighting of the lamps. It has something to do with Florence Nightingale... but we all got a lamp and passed it down to the end of line line. Then we read the Florence Nightingale prayer together. I was lucky to have my dad and my mom both there and g&g maxwell... and of course my hubby! 
Passing the lamp

Saying the prayer

 My cute cap :)

 Calendar my mom got me! 

Flowers from my mom & KC

Flowers from my hubby


  1. Congrats girl that's is such a big accomplishment! :)

  2. First of all i want to say congratulates to you for the completion of your LPN degree. I wist that you will definitely got a job & a smart salary...All the best for your future..:)

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