Monday, January 16, 2012

Josh's Birthday!

Josh turned 22 on January 5th. I don't like having birthdays during the week because we are so busy, it doesn't really feel like a birthday. I had IV certification from 8-5 Tuesday through Thursday and Josh had work 8-5. So since I wasn't going to see him all day, I got up really early to make him breakfast before I went to school. I made him one of our favorite's, pancake french toast. For those of you who haven't had it, it's AWESOME! I never really liked french toast because the eggs always made it "eggy" on the edges and it's a texture thing with me and would make me gag. Well if you make just normal pancake batter then you just dip the bread in the batter and fry it! Since pancake batter doesn't have eggs, it isn't eggy, and it has a thick outer coating like a pancake! Josh opened all of his presents after we ate breakfast. I love spoiling him! He got 8 2L bottles of pop  (since he will be starting school soon and will be staying up all night doing homework), a couple sweaters for work, a stainless steel clutch set for his car, interior detailing for his car (shampooing the seats and carpets to get all the nasty pop spills out he has accumulated and cleans all the air vents and dash and cupholders), and the main gift... Jazz tickets to watch the Kings play... Jimmer! He is so excited to get to see Jimmer play in person :) After work/school, we got ready and went down to the Gateway to Josh's favorite place of all time... Tucano's. It is meat heaven, which Josh loves because he doesn't get much meat at home since I hate it. Its like the Rodizio Grill, they have meat boys who bring around sticks of all different types of meat (like 25) and they slice you off a chunk of it. They bring out steak, chicken, all types of meat wrapped in bacon, buffalo flavored meat, grilled pineapple. It's all you can eat, so the perfect restaraunt for Josh. They also have an awesome salad bar with sushi, shrimp, salad, fruits, veggies, pastas, mashed potatoes, rolls,etc. After dinner we went and saw Sherlock Holmes at the Gateway theater. It was a fun filled night!

 "You are special today"


I forgot to say I made Josh these yummy Oreo chocolate chip cookies and took them to him and his co-workers :) YUM! 

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