Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was fun this year! I always love Halloween :) We didn't carve pumpkins this year, which I'm super bummed about, but we were so busy and didn't even think about it til the day before Halloween. Since we are in a basement apartment, nobody would see our pumpkins anyways, I just want my pumpkin seeds! Since Josh is a manager, he had to "set a good example" and dress up for work. They have little kids come trick-or-treat to anyone who has a desk. Josh had the creative idea to dress up as the old grandpa from the movie UP. He got all the clothes from the DI and we handmade everything else. He looked SO good and everyone at work loved it! He won most original costume at work. I didn't dress up because I had school from 8-330 and Josh was supposed to have school and not be home until 830, so I was just planning on hanging out at home. I talked him into not going to class though :) I came home from school and decided to make all of our parents (& siblings) a plate of homemade sugar cookies. I shaped them all as pumpkins and frosted them with orange frosting. When Josh got home from work we took Roxy and went and handed out our cookies. We went to my dads, my moms, Josh's dads, our old landlords, and also gave cookies to our current landlords. Everyone loved Josh's and Roxy's outfits... they were so cute! We got home around 8:30 and we just cuddled (refused to do homework) and watched a movie.

 Sharon's "witches fingers" (breadsticks)... awesome! 

Roxy's cute outfit!! 

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