Sunday, September 11, 2011


We have been looking for a puppy for quite a while on KSL, we had never gone to actually see any in person, just wishing. The new apartment we moved into allows small dogs (that's the reason I wanted to move into it so bad) and we have both wanted to get a puppy for a long time. Josh took me to a puppy store for my 18th birthday over 2 years ago and we found the PERFECT puppy that we both loved so so much. But I was still living at my dad's and there was no way that would fly if Josh bought me him for my birthday. It was a Lhasa Apso (the same dogs Josh's dad & step mom have). Ever since that moment in 2008, we have always liked other puppies but none were ever going to be the one that we wanted from the pet store. Labor day weekend we had to go up to Idaho for a baby blessing so we figured we would see some puppies on the way. Lots of puppies we find on KSL are in Wyoming or Idaho anyways, so while we were driving I pulled up KSL and found a couple places. The first was in Layton and they were Shih tzu's... all white with either tan or black spots. We really wanted a girl dog and the one we liked there was a boy.. no go. Then I found another dog in Idaho Falls I really wanted to go look at... until the texted me an updated picture of him (the one from ksl was like 6 months old)... ugly! Brad (Josh's dad) told us to call the place where they got Maggie (their Lhasa Apso), which was in Rexburg, and see if they had any puppies for sale. I got on their website and they were out of Lhasa Apso's and had like a 3 month waiting list for them. They had only male shih tzu's left and then the other breed they sell were Pugs... which I love but Josh hates. We called them anyways and she said they actually had 2 girls and a boy that weren't 8 weeks yet so she hadn't put them on the website (by law the puppies have to be 8 weeks old before they can be sold). We told her we were interested in seeing the 2 girls and would be there in a couple hours. The 2 girls looked almost identical, but one had a white sock and the other didn't (Roxy). I really wanted the one with the white socks because the breeder said that the white will always stay white and not change colors (lhasa apsos and shih tzus mostly are born black/brown and then by the time they are one year old they turn completely tan). The one I liked with the white socks was hyper and running around crazy trying to jump on everyone and the other dog just sat on Josh's feet, would run away like she wanted to play, and run straight back to Josh. When we got up and started walking to our car, that puppy looked at us, looked back at the other puppy, and ran to us. We knew that was a sign that she wanted to be ours so we had to get her. We got a way good deal because she normally sells Shih Tzu's for $790 but since we originally wanted a Lhasa Apso, which she sold for $590, she gave us our puppy for $590. They are pure breed AKC registered, with their first shots, dewormed, and came with dog food. Most of the ones we saw on KSL were around $300 but didn't have papers and weren't pure bred. For a couple days after we got her, we couldn't decide on a name. We originally wanted to name her Puma.... but decided against it a few hours later because it just wasn't her. Josh was really loving the name Cali (like CALIfornia), and I was too for those couple of days but on Tuesday at school I came up with like 4 names I really really liked, including Roxy and Cali, and Josh loved Roxy the best. So we named her Roxy. She is so so sweet. She loves to sleep and cuddle with us, she loves her new bed, and she loves playing fetch with Josh. She is our princess. We bought her a dress, a fluffy pink bed, pink water/food bowls, diamond pink collar, and a diamond pink heart name tag. Oh she also loves bows in her hair :) Not to be degrading... but I always wanted a dumb dog. Like Maggie. Maggie is always licking the couch, sniffing the air, she will let josh mess around with her, hang her upside down, play vacuum with her.. anything... and not try and fight you and runaway. She just sits there like a dummy. Our puppy is just like her.. it must be an Idaho thing... When she falls asleep we like to hang her upside down and pick her up and she will wake up for a second and then just fall asleep, she loves to lick us and our comforter, she eats grass, leaves are her favorite toy... when we take her out to go potty and she sees a leaf, she will run to it and pounce on it and run back.. or eat it. She loves to lay on her back and just air-run. She has been really good at going potty. We want her to sleep with us, but not until she is potty trained. So we have a pen that she sleeps in with her fluffy bed until then. Most of the nights she will sleep until about 4 am and then start crying (her cry is a bloddy murder death scream) and Josh goes out to the couch to yell "no" at her everytime she cries. We don't want to just take her out of the pen and bring her to us everytime she gets whiny because we want her to know its not acceptable to whine and it won't bring us to her. The other night we decided she had been so good at going potty outside, that we would let her sleep with us. We came home from Brad & Susie's and were brushing our teeth, when I came out to find her asleep in her own bed! We were so proud! We left the pen open and our door so when she woke up she would be able to come into our room. We love our cute little baby and are proud parents! 
First photo after we bought Roxy :)

 She loves laying on her back! 

 Fell asleep while we were playing a game!

 Her favorite place to sleep is around our necks

 On her back again... 

 Her new bed and dress :)

 Daddy put her in his hat and she fits perfect and went to sleep!

 She loves her binky when she goes to bed... weirdo

 Look at that cute face!!! 

I forgot to mention the binky... she stole it from Tawni's house and we found her under her couch sucking on it. So of course we had to keep it. Little baby...

Here is  a video of daddy playing fetch with Roxy :)

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