Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

I finally donated my hair! I told myself I would donate it after our wedding... but that never happened because I was too chicken. This is the longest my hair has ever been and I didn't want to hurry and chop it again because I wanted to have fun with it for a while :) I decided to pick Beautiful Lengths because they donate all the wigs they make with donated hair they receive. Locks of Love makes all the sick people with no hair pair for their wigs, even very low income people have to pay up to $500 for one wig! I felt really horrible about that and want my free hair to be given to a person who needs it.. for free! I also heard (and read on their website) that hair that is too short to make a wig is sold, and may give them as much as $3500! They also waste a lot of hair. I definitely did not want them to just turn around and sell my hair to make them money. I have had long hair for a couple years now and was really excited for the change. I didn't even cry, which I thought I would! My hair was this short length when I graduated 3 years ago and it has been this long for about 16 months, so it really only took me a year and a half to grow it out. I'm excited to donate again! :)

My hair was 26 inches (2 feet 2 inches) long before I chopped it :) I had lots of layers so the front section of my hair I did 2 ponytails which were 10 inches long and then the back 2 ponytails were 14 inches long. I feel so good about it and am so glad I have thick enough hair to donate 4 ponytails. I am grateful for my hair and being able to help a person in need of some beautiful locks, receive them for free. 

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