Thursday, July 21, 2011


This past weekend we went camping up Payson canyon. Josh's dad and step mom bought us a tent, 2 man sleeping bag, lantern, and an air mattress for christmas last year and I have been dying to go camping! We usually go to Bear Lake and camp every summer for Josh's family reunion, but this year it's during the week so we can't go because of work. So we found this campsite online and went camping for the weekend! It was only about an hour and a half away from our house. We were planning on staying in the first come first serve sites at payson lakes campground, but by the time we got there at 5 pm on Friday, they were full. We drove up the canyon another mile to the blackhawk campground and they were full also :( So after deciding that we didn't want to just go home and come back another weekend, we found an awesome spot on the side of the road and camped friday and saturday! Luckily I brought 2 jugs of water and toilet paper just in case we didn't find a site (since the campground has toilets and drinking water). But we were able to go into the campground on saturday and re-fill our water jugs to last us the rest of the weekend. Our spot was right on the edge of a valley full of trees, it was beautiful! We went on a couple hikes around the lakes and sat at the lake on saturday. We mostly hungout at our campsite, made fires, ate food, and enjoyed the fresh air. 

 Big moon!

 The Grotto waterfall
Eating lunch on the edge of the valley 

 Foil dinners... mmmmmmm
Waiting for dinner to cook 
 Hot dog roasting
Josh + mustard = huh?????? 
Golden mallow 
Crispy mallow

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