Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break!

Ahhh it was so nice to finally have spring break.. even though I only got 2 days off (really only 1 day that I would have school on..) instead of a whole week like all the other colleges got.. it was nice. Me and Josh went down to his dad's condo in St George. We left Thursday around 2 pm and just got back Sunday night at 1 am. It was around 75-85 degrees everyday we were there and I was loving it and did not want to come back to the rain and snow and cold stupid salt lake. On Friday, we went to Zions and hiked Angels Landing... it took us 3 hours (1/2 hour for sitting and eating lunch) so really 2 1/2 hours to hike round trip. We were expecting about 4 or 5 because that is what the brochure said. It is 5.4 miles round trip, the "getting there" part ALL strenous uphill hiking which about killed me. This is the hardest hike in Zions (so the brochure said) and we did it! I almost didn't do the last mile which is the actual angels landing part.. I am very afraid of heights and this is a really narrow cliff you climb up, which has chains you have to hang onto and pull yourself up, and you are walking basically on the edge of this cliff (which is 1300 feet up in the air)... it was so scary!

THIS is the last mile up to the top of Angels Landing... 
 Josh looking off the edge of Angels Landing
1300 feet up on the edge of a cliff! We made it! 

On Saturday, we went and hiked around Pioneer Park, which has the "Dixie" rock that you can see from downtown St George. Then we went shopping in the outlet malls. 

 Amber on Dixie rock
Josh on Dixie rock

On Sunday we went back up to Zion's on our way home, and hiked the Kayenta Trail, the Emerald Pools, and the River Walk up to the Narrows. We really wanted to do the Narrows, which is an 8 hour hike, but they were closed because of flooding and high water. We hiked about 6 miles total. 
 Waterfall at the emerald pools

 Stupid deer
 Josh and his new buddy

 Creepy weird Blair Witch project type thing at the end of the River Walk

All in all... we had a great great weekend getaway! So sad we have to come back to the cold :( Good thing we wont be in utah much longer.. ok like 2 years.. still wayy too long for me. But I guess I'll have to deal with it. I just keep invisioning hottt Arizona or Florida, our top 2 choices :)


  1. How fun! I think you should move to AZ!! We're moving there in October!

  2. Why are you moving to AZ? Josh may apply to PT school down there or in florida. but he has to get his bachelors first, which he starts this fall. so we have a couple years.

  3. We're moving with Logan's boss so we can still have the same job and we'll be there for forever so in a couple years look us up :)