Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our First Easter (being married)

Easter is definitely my most favorite holiday ever! I love it. Mostly because mini Cadberry Eggs are out and those are my heaven. I love all the bright colors of easter, egg hunts, baskets filled with candy, dying eggs... I love easter!! Me and Josh dyed eggs Friday night, and then we got each other an easter basket that we set out for Sunday morning :) Josh hid all of my stuff in the closet under his shirts... which he hid when I was in the room and just told me to close his eyes, so I knew where it was, and when I know stuff is hiding and know where it's at I have the HARDEST time not looking! Soooo I peaked and saw everything he got me for Easter hahaha. I told him Saturday night cause I felt guilty, but I told him he had to hide stuff for me or I will look if I know where it is. Usually he hides all my presents in his trunk, and I never look cause he is always gone and I'm too lazy to go outside anyway, but since I knew where it was "hidden" I looked. He got me 5 bags of Cadberry eggs, which I already ate one full bag today :/ I got him some Nike sandals he really wanted because he saw Lebron James wear them so he just HAD to have some even though I think they are super ugly... he is spoiled :) But I am too so I guess that's why we are perfect for eachother. 

Easter Baskets!! Josh's on the left, Mine right
Yay Cadberry eggs!!!! :D
 Josh's "Lebron James" sandals... he wants to wear them with socks like Lebron says and I was like uhhhhh NEVER. I will take them back if you wear them with socks. ewwwww! 
  Easter eggs nails!
 I love doing my own "glitter toes" and saving $30! Just pour glitter on wet clear nail polish and BAM instant glitter toes!  
Happy Easter to everyone!!  ♥

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