Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gave up...

Alright peeps. i gave up on my 30 day blog challenge as you can tell... I just hated doing it everyday and it was annoying me and was pointless Myspace-type crap. Anyways, life has been crazy busy the last couple weeks. My cousin who is 2 months younger than me got married on Feb 11, my mom got married Feb 19, and my buddy Kayli is getting married this Friday! Whew! I love weddings :) I am so happy that my mom got married and is able to live here in Utah again after 10 years in Wyoming, she lives about 10 minutes away from me and I am so stoked!!! The 3 years I have lived here, I can probably count on one hand how many times I went up and visited her because of being so busy with school and working and it is 4 hours to her and my job has no weekends haha. But I love her so much and am so proud of her and KC!

 We got 2 new additions to the Davis family, but they still are unnamed... so any ideas would be greatly appreciated cause I suck at naming things. As you know, I have lost 2 frogs in this apt we have been in for 6 months :( My Buggy baby that was 2 years old was a smarty and figured out how to open the lid to his cage at night and would crawl out, one night he visited us in bed and Josh freaked! Well... we had to duct tape the lid shut and it would get all musty and stinky, so I would open it for a while and let it air out.. this is how both Buggy and Squirt got out, because of me opening the lid and going to bed without remembering to close it :( We searched for days for both of them, but frogs can dry up really quick if they aren't in or misted by water  and they love tight spaces and corners, so we had no luck. But we love our 2 new babies because they are so so tiny and fragile and love to cuddle with mom and dad.

 Boy on left and girl on right 
(I'm showing they are only as big as that part of my thumb.. tiny!!)
This is how big Buggy was cause he was full grown... so it's weird having babies!
MONSTER!!! He was as almost as big as my palm... and the babies...

could fit 8 in my palm!!

Also my baby Daisy, who we got right after we got married, and she died a few weeks later cause she was sick and not eating :( but we made her happy and gave her Buggy to be with while she was with us.
She is the brown one, kissing Buggy :)

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