Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 7


 -Your Dream Wedding-

I LOVE this one!!! I already had my dream wedding! Even though it was NUTS to plan... I did it! I am OCD and don't like other peoples help so I did most all of my wedding planning on my own. I had my mom come dress shopping with me, and Sharon helped get everyone together to help with the food, and I had a TON of people offer to help set up the reception... but other than that I planned everything. I MADE all my centerpieces and I designed and made my own invitations and my family helped put them together, my mom helped me haul all of the chairs and tables we borrowed from a neighbor, me and Josh worked for hours trying to string up chinese lanterns with clear fish string across our pool, my dad made us a fountain for the pool... we saved lots of money making things!  All the details, made appts, found and met with all my vendors, scheduled everything. Ahhh it was crazy and I never want to do it again, but I loved my wedding day! I got everything I wanted... straight down to the gerber daisies I had to have!! I'm so grateful for our parents because they paid for everything, we got lucky!! :) I found my perfect dress (that I still put on some nights cause I love it so much....)

I got my favorite flowers... gerber daisies. Even though they didn't come in lime green or aqua, I was able to get cool lime green spiky flowers and aqua diamonds in the centers of the daisies. My bouquet was awesome!!

Our LOVELY cake was made by Josh's grandma Montague (his mom's mom), so that was free and I loved every piece of it. I was picky and really really wanted no fondant and our favorite cake, rainbow chip, and she was able to pull it off even though she said she may not be able to cause its not strong enough to stack.

My centerpieces that I made! Borrowed the bowls, bought 3 different colored pebbles, bought all the gerber daisies online and had to cut all the stems off (cutting through thick wire was not easy) and then filled with water so that the daisies floated!! I loved it! 


I got my 3 favorite colors... Pink, Lime green, and Aqua! The guys wore aqua vests under their tuxes and the girls wore a black dress with a colored sash. My mom and I made the girls wristlets instead of buying 6 corsages, and used the same ribbon for their sash. I have 6 sisters, so 2 were in green, 2 in pink, and 2 in blue.
We had an awesome photobooth, unlimited pics, that people would get their own copy (wedding favor) and then a copy to put in a scrapbook that we made and sign by it, instead of just the traditional leave a comment and sign your name in the wedding book, we got pictures of how everyone wanted us to remember them! HAHA. We also had Leatherby's ice cream mmmm.

We had the reception in my Dad's backyard and it was so pretty. The pool with the fountain, big umbrellas over the tables, couches on the lawn... ah I loved it. 


We both loved our shoes :)

we got a rainbow.... how could we be so lucky??!

And the BEST part of my whole day... was that this handsome man...

took me to the temple and we got sealed for time and all eternity :)

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