Monday, May 6, 2013

My Baby :(

I was in an accident last Thursday. Some 75 year old guy decided to run a REALLY red light. Thankfully I T-boned him instead of him smashing my passenger side where my friend, Kayli, was because we could have been seriously injured. He was going super fast, I would say maybe 50 in a 30mph zone and I was only going 20mph since I had just started going from a red light. Neither of us were injured. I am seeing a chiropractor 3x a week for a couple weeks because my hips really hurt and my ROM in my neck and shoulder from my seat belt is poor. Nobody thought they would total my brand new 2012 Mazda, but I got the call today saying that it was a  total loss. Josh and I did a bunch of research yesterday so I would know what my car was worth, how much taxes are, and how much cars like mine are selling for. We ran a bunch of numbers so the insurance wouldn't be able to low-ball me just because I was a girl. The guys insurance was Geico, which I have been told is the worst car insurance to deal with, but they actually gave us a great offer that we decided to take. He offered me retail price for my car and also added on state taxes and licensing. We are only losing about $3000, but we expected that since the car is one year old and has depreciated in value. We are so grateful that I am OK and that we got a great offer to be able to buy a new car. I am just hoping and praying this dude gets his license revoked. Obviously he should not be driving if he cannot tell a red from a green light. There were two cares ahead of me that made it completely through the intersection before I did, so it's not like I was the first one at the light and he just barely ran a red light... his light had to of been red for AT LEAST 10 second. Thankfully I had three awesome witnesses who left me all of their info. One was a guy who was at the red light the guy I hit ran, so he was able to justify that he was completely stopped at the red light while the other guy gunned it through the intersection. I am glad that all of my medical bills will be paid by him or his insurance and I got a great price for my totaled car.

My embarrassing rental I have to drive!!! Hahahahaha

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