Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day

We had yet another great Valentines Day this year! (Remember we celebrate it on Feb 7th every year) It fell on a Thursday, so Josh had to work. He had told me earlier he was planning something for the weekend, so I figured to do something for him on Thursday. When he got home from work, I had the whole kitchen lit up with candles and rose petals all over. I had grilled us some big NY strip steaks and had sparkling cider. I had never bought steak before, let alone used a grill. But I did tons of research, found an amazing deal on steak at Smith's, and actually cooked them PERFECT. They were soooo delicious.

 Doesn't that look so good!!!?

Of course he got me roses :)

On Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Park City. Josh booked us a room at the Hyatt! It was the most AMAZING hotel I have ever seen. Even nicer than our rooms on the vacations we have been on! He got a sweet employee discount that basically made us pay 1/4th of the nightly fee than it would have normally cost. He got us a queen sweet so there was a big living room with a flat screen TV, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, bathroom, master bedroom with fireplace and TV, and a master bath with a jetted tub and shower. It was probably as big as our first apartment we lived in when we got married! We decided since we were spending so much money to stay at the hotel, we might as well relish it and get take out instead of going out to eat. We got mexican food and watched a movie for dinner by the fireplace. There was a big heated pool and two jacuzzis outside, so after dinner, we went swimming. It was lightly snowing and the cold made the pools steam all over so when you were sitting in the jacuzzi, you could barely see in front of you... it was amazing! On Sunday after check out, we went to Gorgoza sledding park and bought a two hour pass and did some tubing. It was so much fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone. Afterwards, we of course had to go shopping at the outlets! 


Sparkling cider by the fireplace ;)

 Roxy and her static...

We had an amazing Valentines Day and I hope that everyone else has one too! :)

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