Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calaigh's Baby Shower and Baby Brightyn!

A couple weeks ago, we threw Calaigh a baby shower. I am so excited to have a little neice and am so happy for Calaigh and Sterling! We made the shower all girly and it looked so good! I am grateful for all of the family we have that were able to come out and support Calaigh :) The best part was watching her open up all of the cute girl clothes, those are the best! I made Calaigh a diaper cake and it turned out just how I wanted it too! I loved it! And I'm sure she is going to be loving those free 96 diapers ;)

 Baby Rattle balloon! 

 The candy table

 Couture cupcakes

 The advice book I got for everyone to sign and the diaper cake :)

Love it! 

Baby Brightyn Hart Clark was born on 2/12/12. She was born a little more than 2 weeks early, but she was healthy and the perfect size! Calaigh gave birth at the Jordan Valley Hospital, which I could literally walk to from my house, so I was excited to go see her everyday! She is such a snuggler and I am in love with my little niece! I went to Calaigh and Sterling's house today for the first time and snuggled Brightyn some more and got a tour of their beautiful house in Lehi. I love you guys! Congratulations!! :)

 So little and perfect! 

 At the hospital, day 2

 I love her snuggles :)

Look at those cheeks!! I love her! 

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