Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 1

-A photo of yourself and how your day was-

My day was fantastic!! I didn't have work or school. I am sick so I stayed in bed til noon, ate some lunch, studied til 4, made homeade bbq ranch chicken pizza and breadsticks, and then... WE BOOKED OUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO JAMAICA!!!! We leave friday May 20 and are there til Saturday May 28th!! We are in a place called "Sunset at the Palms", we get our own bungalo hut (instead of being in a room in a massive hotel), there are only 33 huts in the whole resort so it is tiny and secluded. There are palm trees all over and its like being in a jungle! We are sooo excited!! 

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  1. How fun Ambs!! My hubby went on his mission there-- wasn't a vacation for him though! haha